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The eCat Version 2.0, is a comprehensive cataloguing system developed by Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd (CDC). It is an enhanced version of the cataloguing feature available in ePerolehan, a service-based portal that enables the Government machinery to operate and function more efficiently. The system provides a full suite of catalogue management services that provides simple, user-friendly and intuitive user experience in catalogue creating, editing and publishing.


This highly organized structure and new cataloguing system enables faster, easier and well-situated trading operation. All products and services are grouped neatly and precisely under their specified categories, simplifying the usual procedures and dilemmas of selecting a supplier, brand, item or price. This advantage will be facilitated by the ‘User-friendly Public Catalogue Browser’ which is designed to let users search for products based on category, best selling items, latest products and other useful themes.


The advanced eCat Version 2.0 cataloguing system offers the ability to source for products and services with great ease. Through this almost effortless activity, suppliers will have a bigger opportunity and an even greater chance of closing trading deals with Government agencies and other interested parties. This new development in ePerolehan encourages an interlinked connection in the trading business as well as a more interactive relationship between suppliers and Government agencies alike.
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